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Friday, February 25, 2011

CBCLs, Tutoring and packing

I hate oversleeping...
and by oversleeping I mean turning off my alarm and snuggling into bed
only to realize that I have to be at work in a matter of 40 minutes and it takes me 30 to get there.
That's how my morning started today.

I really felt like this guy!!!


I spent the day re-entering data into the computer, because some idiot decided to give out the wrong measures to the patients...
So now we have to re-enter, 
then convert...
It really is kind of a pain.


After Children's I spent came home and had leftovers, 
and ran out the door to tutor...

I tutored for 4 to 7...
It was a long day!

The highlight of my day was finding this picture! 
This is my dream!!!
I'm in the market for a 67-69 Camaro SS/RS !!!
It will be refurbished to look like my 2010 2SS/RS in snow white with a solid black strip!!

She's missing her 1st gen sister.


Now I'm off to pack for our ski trip tomorrow!

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