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Monday, February 7, 2011

Typical Monday

My morning started out at 6 am by scrapping a foot of snow and ice from my brother's car in order to get to class. It was just LOVELY!!! 

Took a good 30 minutes to get all the powder off the car, then another 20 minutes of actual scrapping, and in the end I didn't get everything off. The car didn't fully heat up until I got to school (45 minute drive).

Donald and I went to see Sanctum last night with his parents, and I'll recap that for you once I get breakfast and lunch out of the way,

After class I headed back to home. I had to meet a student at 10:30 at the local Barnes & Nobel so I decided I'd get breakfast there.

I'm trying to get crafty with my point and shoot... since it isn't really an option to drag around my DSLR...
I say this picture turned out pretty good, especially after some editing :-)
Breakfast consisted of Harney&Sons English Breakfast Tea along with a toasted bagel and some cream cheese! It was perfect for a very chilled Zara! I did burn my tongue a little bit while trying to warm myself with my extremely hot tea.

Than I worked for about two and a half hours.

When I got home around 1:30 pm, I realized that I was starving, wanting something that would warm me up I opted for some soup.

  The Steak and Potato soup also had some carrots and mushrooms in it. A serving with a piece of bread was more than enough. I also drank about half a can of Diet Sierra Mist before realizing that I wasn't really enjoying it.

I made myself another cup of tea! A TAZO black and green bland! One of my all-time favorites! I am about to enjoy another cup of this. 

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as consuming too much tea?!

Now on to the movie:

I'm sure you all have seen the previews for it, but view above if not. 
So it is based on a real life experience of the co-writer Andrew Wight. In 1988, while on a deep-sea cave diving expedition Wight encountered a freak storm that collapsed in the entryway. So he was stuck in a cave underwater for two days. The movie centers around this situation. A wealthy businessman is funding the exploration of the world's largest unexplored underwater cave system. A tropical storm turns into a cyclone and starts to flood the cave while Frank, the master diver is still down in the base camp with four others. The entrance get's blocked by a large boulder and the water level keeps raising. Frank and his team (including his young son Josh) have to find another way out of the cave system or drown. With limited supplies, no clear plan and a newbie to diving Frank follows the river to try and find a way out. 
I wont spoil the movie for those who will go see it, but it isn't a feel good movie. Its a movie about survival, heroism and making tough choices. 
As I set there, next to my husband and dive buddy I wondered what I would do in such a situation. Granted the idea of diving in a cave scares the bajesus out of me, but still. So many things can go wrong in under the sea.

I hope that y'all go see the movie. It really is a good film! 
I also hope that it doesn't discourage you from trying or continuing to dive!  


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  1. For a point and shoot the pictures turned out great. Plus the food looks so good.


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