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Friday, February 4, 2011

Confessions of a shoeaholic

You know when you were little, and you'd anxiously await your birthday and try to invite as many people as possible because it would mean you'd get more presents? Well, I have to admit, I still get really excited around my birthday, New Year, Christmas, our anniversary and even my hubby's birthday :-). I've outgrown the "inviting as many people as possible" but the prospect of getting things I want without having to pay for them is fantastic!!!

This year, I'm dreaming of a few pairs of boots... For those of you who know me, or even know me a little, you know all about my shoe obsession!

I'm the strange girl who'll stop you on campus to tell you how cute your shoes are, or start up a conversation just to find out where you got those great pumps...

Anyways, you get the idea! I love all kinds of shoes, high heels, flats, boots, pumps, wedges... you name it and I love it (and probably have it).

I've got a few that I've had my eye on for a while... and now, right before my birthday, they are on SALE!!! 

The boots on the right are ones that I saw on my best friend before seeing them at Aldo's and fell in love with them They look so comfy and warm! They were originally $170.00 and are now only $91.00. The boot on the right is the one I've been drooling over for the past few months (and trust me, I never hold out this long before buying a pair of shoes). They were originally $200.00 and are now down to $111.00!!! So I can get both boots for the price I would have paid for one ... Now only to decide whether I want to spend the money...

What do you guys think?! Worth it?!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! The 30 for 30 is a lot of fun, but I sometimes get confused about what I've worn and where some of the items are!

    I love my boots that I got, and it's the first pair that I've had that I actually wear a lot!! I hope you get the ones that you want!

    I love getting a gift or two here or there as well! :)


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