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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy March 8th!

Today is international women’s day!
So happy March 8th to all the lovely ladies out there! Treat yourself to something nice!!!

I woke up to my favorite kind of weather today.



I love gloomy weather, and I love being able to stay home while it’s foggy and cold out. Unfortunately, I have to get out and go to the Children’s Hospital to get some work done on sight. Boo… I just want to curl up at home and stay warm!


I had a strawberry-banana smoothie for breakfast! It was ah-mazing! I have to say I am slightly obsessed with making smoothies now!

Then, I found this via FBFF daily updates! THE EDITOR is an annual blogging planner!

THE EDITOR™ helps you stay organized and efficient with specially designed pages for everything blog related: important URLs, post ideas and management, tracking featured products, calculating blog generated income and related expenses, managing contests & giveaways, recording important usernames and passwords and more.
I thought it was pretty nifty, and being the nerd I am, I love planning, making lists and organizing hence this seems to be the perfect tool! I just ordered one and cannot wait to get it!

The Editor includes the following pages:
  • The Editor's Page
  • 12 Bulletin Boards ~ monthly
  • 12 Editorial Calendars ~ monthly
  • 72 Post Manager pages ~ weekly
  • 4 Product Log pages
  • 4 Revenue Tracker pages
  • 2 Expense Tracker pages
  • 2 Contest & Giveaway Log pages
  • 2 Login Organizer pages
  • 2 Link List pages
  • 4 Contact pages
  • 4 Notes pages
  • 2 Glossary pages
  • 2 Calendars ~ year view
  • 2 Storage Pockets
I'm really glad I found this, and looking forward to using it!

So I thought I’d let y’all know about this little guy!

Disclaimer [This is something I found that I feel could be useful. I am not getting paid to put this on the blog and have no intention of making profit… I just like sharing my finds with the world]

Q: What are some tools you use to keep track of your blog, edit posts and make life easier in general?

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