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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ouch… My body hates me!


And I am so proud of myself!

I slept in today, and didn’t go to class.
My chemistry teacher is just dead set on failing as many people as possible and it’s really irritating me. So I’m trying to keep contact with her and her class to as minimal as possible.

Anywho, I got up around 10 AM and made myself a chocolate protein shake with a banana.


It was okay, usually it tastes a lot better, but this morning I ran out of Almond Breeze and had to use milk… I hate milk… that’s probably what made it taste so funny. I also might have overdone the protein powder Winking smile

Around noon I headed out the door to work a bit at Barnes and Nobel, I met a friend there and we worked on some of her homework. She’s taking a class called Death and Dying which is very interesting. We were lost in conversation for a solid hour about the ideas and theories behind death.

Then I came home to my wonderful husband, who wasn’t feeling too good and stayed home from work. I made myself a small lunch, since my shake still had me pretty full!


Lunch consisted of some French bread with homemade cottage cheese! It was satisfying and made me happy!

I did a bit of homework, caught up on some needed assignments and bitched about my chem teacher some more.

After all the bitching, I got my sore butt off the my comfortable recliner and headed downstairs to the treadmill. AND… wait for it… I did day 2 of Couch to 5K, and actually pushed myself through the whole 30 minutes! I couldn’t walk upstairs afterwards but its still a pretty big accomplishment for me!

This marks day 3 of consecutive workouts! Better food and lots of water!

Q. How do you stay motivated when your body want to quit?

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