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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A month of goals

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”   -- Jimmy Dean
Every birthday, I make a list of resolutions and usually never follow through on getting them done. This years list has 22 items that I am pretty set on getting done, even though a few of them need to be modified and extended into the next year.

1. Fit into my jeans!

2. Get healthy and stay healthy

3. Get a gym membership and go at least 3 times a week (I got a membership to the 24 Hour Fitness right down the street, and have been good about going regularly thus far, but I am not crossing off the goal of going 3 times a week, because it should be continuous.)

4. Apply to grad school – this is one that needs to be modified, since we are back on the initial plan to move to Texas, this will have to wait until I am graduated as well as until we know where we will be living.

5. Find a job in my field

6. Keep up with daily posts on the blog (I’ve been pretty good about this, and hope to keep it up)

7. Dive the Keys in Florida

8. Read a book a week – modifying to Read at least 2 books a month

9. Do Kendi's 30 for 30 for at least one month every season! – This will start in May!!

10. Start a graduate program – this one is dependent on #4… applying would be first!

11. Buy a house – we will not be buying a house this year, since we don’t know where we will be living

12. Pay off all bad debt!!!!

13. Become a better Photographer

14. Vacation to the Bahamas

15. Send my parents on a vacation

16. Keep my nails painted for the whole year, and avoid acrylics (I’ve been really good about this too, I let the polish chip a bit before replacing but my nails have been painted every day since my birthday!)

17. Paint more

18. Spend more time with Grandpa

19. Learn how to sew

20. Keep a journal

21. Get at least one ski trip in (Feb 25-27 Keystone, CO)

22. Sort photos and finish scrapbooks!!!

In order to get things done, I am stealing Meghan’s idea of mini-goals. I really like the idea of setting small stepping stones towards bigger goals.

I’d like to have 5 to 10 mini-goals a month that I can try and accomplish, so here is my list of goals for the Month of April!

1. Get 8 hours of solid sleep every night – sleeping and resting is so crucial to a productive and happy day, I know when I don’t get enough sleep I am the biggest grump in the world. Hence sleeping enough will be my number one goal this month!


2. Exercise daily, with at least 3 days at the gym, C25K and Body Pump – exercise gives you endorphins (feel good hormones) which result in a better mood, better sleep, more productivity and overall happiness! Plus getting a better body while you’re at it is a plus, with Summer right around the corner and tropical vacations in the making!

River Maya 2008
I want this body back! In 2008, I was at my healthiest form!

3. Write more, not just blog wise but in general – I love writing and am pretty set on making some extra money out of it, even if I don’t make anything the writing process in itself is a favorite hobby of mine and I would like to really expend on it, and develop my skills.

4. Plan meals and cook at home (at least 3 in a week) – I love cooking, and I recently rediscovered how much fun I have while cooking. Cooking is a great way to relax and de-stress for me, so I plan on doing more of it.


5. Cut out soda and junk food – no fast food, and keep going out to eat to once a week or less. – Eating fast food makes me feel gross, literally. My face feels greasy, my body starts feeling tired and unhealthy and its just bad in general. Hence, this month will be a complete cut of fast food!

6. Read at least 2 books – I love reading. It’s a whole different world. I feel that I don’t read enough, so this year, I am going to try and read more!

7. Organize my closet – even though I just got rid of a ton of clothing, I still feel that there is more to go. This could be due to the tiny closet I’ve had to fit everything into, or the fact that now that I live in a pair of jeans and a hoodie I’ve lost my connection with my clothing, and in order to re-spark it I need to go through my belongings!


This is only a section of what my closet use to look like. I had two very large walk-in closets, plus a smaller walk in one. Now its only a tiny sliding door, non-walk in Sad smile

It will be a big step for me to get these things done and I am looking forward to accomplishing them!
Hope y’all are having an awesome Thursday! It’s almost the weekend, and time for my Mister to get home!

Zara - 1


  1. Love your goals! They're great. I want to read two books too, and I need to START with the eating out less. I haven't been good about it, but it should help with the losing weight as well as the financial goals... :)

    Where in texas are you moving?

  2. Dallas is where we are pretty set on. :-)

  3. Great goals you have. You also have a lovely blog and I am your newest follower!


  4. you have great goals! sadly, i need to do something similiar! but i dont :-) good luck!

    have a great weekend!

    <3 megan
    A Suitcase and Stilettos

  5. You can do it!!!! :) I know EXACTLY how you feel about school! is a love and hate situation. But, keep thinking about that nice beach vacation and chilling under the sun once u're done :)


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