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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Wedding Shoes … I feel cheated by DSW !!!


Wedding shoes

These shoes are one of my most praised pair of shoes. I bought them for our wedding, as my something blue! Since I had a short dress, and being a shoe freak, I had to have statement shoes that really spoke to me.

Donald and Zara's Wedding 095

When I saw these, about two years ago, I knew I had to have them! So I spent weeks trying to find a pair in my size, and they were probably the hardest pair of shoes to track down. I finally found them in California, two days before our wedding and had them overnighted. Aside from the stupid expensive overnight fee, I paid $192.97 plus tax for them.

Donald and Zara's Wedding 090

NOWWWW… a year and a half after the wedding, DSW decides to carry Martinez Valero for less then half the price of what the shoes originally cost! They have my beautiful wedding shoes for $79,95!!! WHYY did they not have them when I was bending over backwards to get my hands on a pair?! I would have paid three times what they are selling them for if I could have just walked into my local DSW and picked them up off the shelf!!! 

Donald and Zara's Wedding 098

So, to make myself feel better, I went back and looked at all my wedding photos to see how worth the search for these shoes was. And they are worth every penny I’ve paid for them. I’m kind of tempted to get them in the white as well now, maybe even the black … since you know… they are less then half of what I’ve paid for them. BUT I still think the blue is the most beautiful and an eye catcher for sure!

1 comment:

  1. i love them!!! total love/hate w DSW. sucks but sometimes a girls just GOT TO HAVE those shoes!


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