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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Wants


I miss the Mister today. I hate when he travels without me, because I have to wear socks to bed. My feet get really cold at night, and I just steal the hubs heat, but without him in bed with me, my feet freeze Sad smile. Obviously, that is not the only reason why I miss him, but it’s the one that woke me up in the middle of the night today.

Other then the Mister being gone until Friday, I’ve been really getting the itch to move. Our original plan was to move as soon as I was done with school, but because of some unexpected circumstances. Anyways, I want to move and I want a bigger closet!!I want a closet with beautiful hardwood floors, with lots of space for shoes, and separate sections for dresses, jeans, skirts and pants.

I also want room to have full length mirrors and a dressing area. Some sitting space and room to openly organize everything I own, because going from two walk-in closets to one regular closet is really hard on me and my clothing! Sad smile I’ve had to give a good deal of stuff away, and I still don’t have enough room!!

Q. What is your dream closet? Do you have enough room in your current closet? If you were to build a house what would be one of the must haves?



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