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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have someone I’d like y’all to meet


I’d like to introduce you all to the knee that hates me.

the knee that hates me  Knee meet everyone, everyone meet my jerk of a knee.

Yesterday, I forgot to take my knee brace with me to the gym. And when I left the gym it was feeling fantastic. However, after the short drive home getting out of my car was a bit of a problem. Now, walking and getting up the stairs is a problem. I hate my knee… and have officially given in to going to see my doctor about it. I’m trying to get an appointment after my final, and hopefully get this stupid thing fixed. I feel so useless hobbling around everywhere. I pretty much look pathetic and to prove my point, I got a good chuckle out of my brother. 

Aside from the knee, I had an awesome breakfast.

The Awesome breakfast

Greek yogurt, with half a banana, three strawberries and some granola. It really hit the spot, and since I hadn’t really had a real breakfast in a while it was fantastic… my tummy agreed.

Awesome breakfast close up

I also pulled out my DSLR for this shots and wonder why I don’t use it more often. I know it’s easier to carry around the point and shoot, but the picture quality is no where near what it should be. Once my graduation is affirmed and I have a C in my class I will be getting the 50mm 1.4f lens which will make things even better.

I’m also thinking of investing in a new camera bag, I want one that wraps around the shoulder or some other more convenient way to carry around my Rebel and lenses.

I was thinking something like this… does anyone have one of these or any other choices of camera bags that will work better then a standard shoulder bag?


  1. Aww I hope your knee feels better soon!!! Also i hope the doctor doesnt think its anything to serious <3

    Your breakfast sounds DELICIOUS :) i think i might do that tomorrow :) YAY

  2. Now that looks like a good breakfast.
    PS: I love your new banner, title thingy picture (whatever its called)


    That is my camera bag and I like it!

  4. BUmmmmerr! I love Greek yogurt though. Yum!



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