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Friday, April 15, 2011

Workout Essentials


Forgive me for not posting a Day 11 for 25 Days of Fitness.

I was so burned out and sick yesterday that I couldn’t get myself to come up with the post that I wanted to. I wrote several, then deleted all of them because it just didn’t work right. However, I did get on the elliptical for a 30 minute workout, and ended up burning 360+ calories, which was better then nothing.

Today I really wanted to talk about workout essentials like a good pair of pants, a comfortable sports bra and so on. I have to confess that I only have one good pair of cropped yoga pants and a underarm tank that I wear for almost everything. I also have a pair of cropped yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret along with a few sports bras and such, but don’t like them nearly as much.

So I think it’s time to splurge on a few workout essentials.

1. A good pair of workout pants


I have to say I am really loving these pants from Bebe sport! My workout buddy has several pairs, when there was still a BebeSport store here in Denver, and I love them. They are high quality and really look great. She also claims that they are super comfortable. However, now that there isn’t a store, the selection is pretty much limited to what you see above and the price is $79.00 a piece for the full pants and $49.00 for the capris. However, I think they just might be worth it.

image image image

These are all Under Armour, and while some people think they are more pricy, I’d like to point out that ever single pair of pants show above is regularly priced under $55.00 and can be found on the Under Armour website. I love everything I have from them and might have to get a few of these instead of the Bebe ones. Even though they are not as attractive they are more affordable!


2. A few sports bras

The other day I had to go to the gym wearing a regular bra because ever single pair of sports bras and workout tops I had were in the dirty pile on the laundry floor. First, I need to start doing laundry more often, second I need a few good pairs of sports bras that are durable!


I really like these two from Under Armour. They are simple and practical, with nothing too fancy and come in a several different colors. Best part… they are $29.99 each! Beat that! Even the Victoria Secret Yoga bra-lets are $26.00 a piece and trust me they do NOT support very well.

image image image

I’m also loving these from Nike! The two on the ends are under $30.00 and the one in the middle is $34.00. Yup, defiantly affordable! Nike also has a bunch of them on sale!

Really the pants and bras are really what I need clothing wise, but I will be looking into some tank tops, jackets and possibly shorts.

Q: What do you wear when working out? What is your favorite style? Brand?


Zara - 1


  1. I also really like Lu Lu Lemon and Lucy! They have really cute workout clothes! That's the only way that I get myself to workout is to buy cute clothes/shoes haha

  2. Good selections! Nike is probably my favorite brand, especially for running shorts!

  3. I love under armor, and lululemon as my "nice" workout clothes. Honestly, my favorite pair of workout capris are from Old Navy and I literally went back and bought 4 pairs.


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