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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wants


There are some things that are a must in a girls collection. For me, an overpriced jewelry collection, a ridiculous number of shoes and accessories are a must.

Lately I’ve been wanting some essential items to add to my wardrobe.

1. Two set of matching solitaire diamond studs

I wear jewelry on a daily basis. I have my wedding ring, then a right hand sapphire ring. I also wear a small star diamond necklace that my husband got for me for our first Christmas together, and of course two sets of studs, however my studs are just sterling silver and it makes me sad. I have a few pairs of diamond earrings but they are too fancy for everyday wear, hence I’ve been drooling over some diamond, round cut studs like the pair above. I’d love to be able to get a set of 1/2C (1CTW) ones and another about 1/4C(.5CTW) to wear together since I have double piercings on my ears. I’m thinking these might be a Christmas present Smile.

2. A new set from Swarovski

image           image 

This is the Hot Montana Set from Swarovski’s collection. The necklace is $340.00 the earrings are $150.00. No big deal!! My parents bought me my first set of Swarovski jewelry for my 16th birthday and ever since I’ve been spoiled. While I love chip jewelry for a night on the town, I prefer diamonds and Swarovski crystals for anything else. I saw this set right before my birthday at the Swarovski store at Park Meadows and started drooling over it, hopefully the Mister will see fit to get this for me, or I just might splurge if I ever graduate.  

3. Scarves!!!

I am loving all the pretty and light scarves lately. They just dress an outfit right up, and it is beautiful. I think instead of investing in some ready made ones I might try my hand at making them. I’ve seen a few very pretty fabrics at JoAnns!! Smile If they turn out well I might even do a giveaway for one.

For this Wednesday that’s all I really want! Some expensive jewelry and inexpensive scarves. I say they balance each other out pretty well!!

Q: What do y’all think of the scarf trend? Are you in? If so, what are your favorite colors and outfits to wear them with?

Zara - 1


  1. Im definitely in the scarf trend ;) I love blues and turquoise, jeje they are my comfort colors as i like to call em! But beiges and browns are cute too! Lovely earrings also!

  2. I LOVE scarves! I love them in all colors, and can wear them all the time :)

  3. I never know how to wear scarves but I absolutely love the trend. There's so many cute ones out there.
    I hope you get those earrings, they'd be beautiful and would go with anything.

  4. Loving everything! Now I want to go shopping!!!



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