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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My legs hate me… I mean really hate me!


It was so good to be back in the gym today, especially for Body Pump with an awesome Instructors. Arey is pretty much the best, and if her home gym wasn’t an hour and a half away from me, I’d be there every day she taught a class. Sadly, it is an hour and a half to drive over there, and I’m not willing to make the drive when there is a perfectly nice gym 10 minutes from the house. So when Arey comes down on Wednesday to teach the class, I try and not miss any of them.

Today was the last day that we work with Body Pump 76, on Saturday the new release (77) comes out, and as far as we know we’ll be getting into that one. I’m a little bummed that they are changing it up on me, when I just started attending the classes and am just now getting into the groove of it.

Other then the Body Pump class, I did about 3 sets of 10 reps on my sides/abs. That was pretty much all I had time for before the class started.

My legs are pretty much killin’ me and I’m sure I’m walking funny. But I love the way they feel! Yay!

I haven’t decided if I will be going back to the gym tomorrow or just running. I might do both. Smile

Still looking for new work out music, so please please please make you suggestions. I’m really tired of listing to the same songs.

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