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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Wants


I am sure most of you are getting sick of hearing about my chemistry and my pathetic need to pass the class so that I can be done with school… but that is my current want. Above all else I want to graduate. I will even give up shopping for a month, forgo a tropical vacation, and so on if I could just get it done.

In order to pass the class a need to get As on all the rest of my assignments, quizzes and of course the final exam.

An A, not an A+, but a little lousy A is all I am asking for for my final exam in this class. I have As, solid As in all my other classes, and a 42% in my chemistry class. I would be more then happy give up my As in the other classes to insure that I pass this one. I’ve never had to struggle with a class as much as I am struggling with this one, and it is sad, and pathetic… but what can I do? Sad smile

My other wants are defiantly more cheery Smile 

I am loving this Lisa Jayne Dann maxi dress. At $295.85 it is a little out of my current budget, but it is defiantly on the to buy list.


I’m also really wanting some new nail polish colors. This one is called Austin-taisiouse Turquoise from the OPI Texas collection. I think I might have to stop buy and get a bottle of this to cheer myself up. After the awful test.

I really want and need some more workout music. So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

I think that about wraps it up for my Wednesday Wants. I’m going to stick a link up link in case anyone wants to link up to this today!

Hope y’all have a fantastic Hump Day!

Zara - 1


  1. That is a gorgeous dress! And I may have mentioned before that science always through me for a loop. Give me math any day!!

  2. what a dress! wow! you have great taste :). In regards to your test, think positive! You'll survive chemistry :). And Im also in MAJOR need to update my ipod music. I listen to too much talk radio. I dont even know whats new out there! lol


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