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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travel Tuesdays – Best Place to Eat


Sometimes I feel that the best part of my trips is the food. When people ask about our recent trips, or where we have been, recommendations for where to go the topic of food always creeps up. I can tell you that there are certain places that we have not been pleased with (such as some all-inclusive) because the food was not that fantastic.


Hence I wanted to share one of the tips that my grandfather has passed down to me, and through the years we have learned that the trick has stood the test of time!


Drum roll please…

When looking for the best place to eat, follow the local family the the mom-and-pop restaurant or the hole-in-the-wall place, ask for a table next to them and order what they order. This way you get the best authentic meal possible.

From Denver, to San Antonio, Houston, Galveston, Boston, Hull, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas to Yerevan, Moscow, Cancun, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt and so on this advice has never failed us.

IMG_3617    IMG_3618

We’ve always found the best food cheap prices and friendly service at the local mom-and-pop restaurants then at the local Chili's. Our mindset is simple, why go out to the Texas Roadhouse in Galveston if we could have an even better meal at half the price from the restaurant in a century old hotel where only the locals and hotel guests eat? I can get a steak at a Texas Roadhouse here at home. Why go to the Starbucks in Vienna when there is a 200 year old coffee shop next door that serves the best espresso in the country? Why eat at a McDonalds in Munich when there is a brewer next door serving the best burgers in Germany?


The chances of you getting awful food are slim when you follow the locals. Really, they don’t tend to go to the crappy restaurants but ones that they have tried and have proven to be good. When you are a tourist with only a few days in a certain location you don’t have the luxury of taking your time to find the best eats, so follow someone who lives in the city to find the best food.


We’ve even gone as far as to go into a shop and ask for where they eat or where we can find the best _____. You will never go wrong!!!

 Happy Eating y’all!

Zara - 1

Q: What are your favorite eats in your hometown??


  1. mmmm this looks soo amazingly delicious :)

  2. I just left a long comment and it didn't work. grr... basically said jealous of your travels! And our town is that way - the little place with cheap decor and dishes is the best!


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