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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessions


I was just about to write something along these lines when I came across Lindsey’s blog where she linked up with Glamazon and Mamarazzi for their weekly Friday Confessions. So I’m linking up as well.

So here are my confessions from this week:
  • I’m really slacking on studying for my final, and even doing the papers that I need to get done in my other classes. In short, I’m just done and given up with school. It makes me feel guilty, but I’m surprisingly unstressed about it.
  • I confess, that I only went to the gym on Monday, and after my knee started hurting I used it as an excuse to sit on the couch. Again, I feel guilty about it, and will probably work 3 times as hard this coming week.
  • My knee got hurt because I’m too against wearing my knee brace, but now that I have learned my lesson, I don’t care what I look like as long as my knee is protected.
  • Also, I don’t understand what the big deal with the Royal Wedding is… I just didn’t really get into it, and while I think it’s great they are getting married it truly wasn’t something I even planned on watching. OOPS.
  • I confess, that even though I don’t have anywhere to go now days I still want to buy more shoes.
  • Not only buy more shoes but dresses, and skirts… even though I live out of jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Speaking of jeans and a t-shirt, I hate how “sloppy” I’ve become, I use to dress up, do my hair and makeup every day no matter if I was working or not. Lately, I can barely get myself to brush my hair… this has GOT TO STOP.
  • The last on my list today, is the fact that I am willing to pay $4.00 a gallon of gas to drive around in my Camaro instead of one of the other cars with better gas mileage.
I hope y’all have a fantastic Friday, and go over and link up with these lovely ladies.


  1. jejeje this was fun to read :) I didnt see the big deal with the royal wedding either! jeje i hope your knee feels better soon girlie!

  2. I confess I can relate to buying nice stuff even though I can barely bring myself to wear some of it. It's probably hope. Hope that one day I'll need them.

    Luckily they are from Ebay and so my little addiction doesn't cost a fortune.

  3. Not at all interested in the royal wedding.
    I love shoes, but alas I find myself wearing only about four different pairs depending on the season.
    Hope your knee feels better and that your classes go well.

  4. Don't feel guilty about not goign to the gym- it happens!

  5. Gas prices are ridiculous! And Camero's are cool :)

  6. Well, lady, you're one step ahead of me. I don't even always get dressed up with hair and makeup done for work. And by I don't always I mean I rarely.

  7. I hope that your knee will feel better!!


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