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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What’s On Your Mind Wednesdays


There is a lot on my mind today, so I am linking up with a newly discovered blogger, who’s blog I am loving. Tanya over at A Taste of Tanya has the cutest blog, and you should check it out. 


If you read my previous post for the Wednesday Wants, you’ll see what is preoccupying my mind today. Life is too short, and no one is guaranteed a tomorrow, so please don’t take today for granted and live as if it was your last day. And please, please, please keep the Higuchi family in your prayers.

I’m also wondering how well I did on my Chem quiz, I felt that I knew what I was doing, but honestly that’s when I get the worst grades, when I feel like I know.

The gloomy weather out here is making me really consider a move to Florida where we could live on the beach and go to a school a block away.

I am dreaming of taking a year to travel the world, maybe two.

I’m looking forward to the gym and Body Pump, hoping to get my knee working again. I also hope that it doesn’t start acting up again.

Really craving some Italian food, but really don’t know why.

And finally, I love Wednesdays because I get to have lunch with my grandfather who is my biggest fan. I love hearing his stories and enjoy his company over tuna sandwiches. While we are creatures of habit with our very predictable Wednesday lunches, it makes me dread the day when I am back to working full time and can’t make our lunches or when we move and I can’t have a weekly lunch with my grandpa.   

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday filled with joys and memories.


  1. Thanks for the comment and encouragement!! You are my first ever "stranger" commenter!! Very exciting! Come back and visit me soon!

  2. If you have the opportunity to take time off to travel - DO IT! you'll never have a chance like that again!


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