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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pumpin’ tires


This morning reluctantly left my warm bed, and went out into the snow, freezing outdoors that is Colorado. Yes, after several days in the 70s we got dumped on Sunday afternoon and night. This morning there was a good 3 inches of snow on the cars outside, but lo and behold the roads were completely dry and the weather man predicted a high of 68… BOOO Colorado BOO… this is not Winning.

IMG_1309I just don’t understand why the weather has to be so darn complicated, it’s like a whiney girl who can’t make up her mind!

Anyways… I got up, got dressed, drove all the way to school, paid $6.00 to park and then took a test that tried real hard to kick my ass, but I fought back. I think we both left the classroom with some cuts and bruises, but no broken bones.

I wish I was confident in my chemistry answers to pull one of these ^^^   Smile 

By the time I got home I was famished, so I made myself some French toast. It was delicious!


They might not have been healthy but they are quick, delicious and totally worth it! I added a little bit of syrup which made it even better! Yum!!

At 4:30 I left for the gym.

I worked on my legs a little before the Body Pump class started at 5:30. It sort of kicked my ass. Skipping a whole week, and not eating anything before the class was a bad idea. I got a little lightheaded halfway through and had to step out for about 5 minutes. After I got myself under control, I went back in and finish the hour. Wednesday should be better!

I worked a total of an hours and a half and I know my legs are going to kill me tomorrow morning, but it feels so great!

Then I came out of the gym and found a complete flat tire on the Camaro. Sad smile I was very, very, very sad. I had to call the Husband to bring me an air pump to so that I could pump enough air into it to get me home, since at 7 PM there are no shops that are open and willing to fix the 6 inch nail that is stuck in my tire. Sad smile 


Hope ya’ll had a fantastic Monday!

Mucho Love!

Zara - 1

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