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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Body Pump 77 killed my legs a little



What a phenomenal work out today!!! I am defiantly feeling my legs right now and know I will feel them even more tomorrow. Yup! It was fantastic! I almost didn’t go, just because I’m wanted to sleep in a bit longer since we went to bed around 2 AM. BUT… since I had a friend waiting for me at the gym, I got my butt out of bed and went. I am so glad I did.

Before the class I also did a 15 minute abdominal workout with one of the trainers. It was very worth it! Smile

After the Body Pump, I grabbed a NrGize Banana Split Meal Replacement shake for my drive home. I must say it’s pretty delicious and they add extra vitamins and protein. So pretty much it is winning! The Banana Split is a total of 300 calories and 280 carbs, which is perfect for a lunch meal and for an after workout shake.

Now I’m off to the grocery store for some healthy food buyin’.

I’ll be back later today with a Day 7 Post for 25 Days of Fitness!

We’ll be talking about some good power foods! Smile

Y’all have a great Sunday!!!

Zara - 1

PS: Check out the new Body Pump music track! I really liked it!

BODYPUMP 77 tracklist

Warmup: Commander – Spacegliderz
Squats: It’s My life – Swade
Chest: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher feat. Pitbull
Back: Hold Me Tonight (Manox Remix) – Manian
Triceps: I Like It – Tokyo Haze
Biceps: Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) – Shinedown
Lunges: Only Girl In The World (E-Nergy Remix) – Nick Skitz vs DJ Lotus
Shoulders: Ti Sento – Scooter
Abs: We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool vrs DCUP
Cooldown: One Last Chance – Daughtry

(Source: NZ Glen: BodyCombat fanatic)


  1. Sounds like a great class! I'm up in the air about those drinks as meals.... I think I prefer to "eat" my meals, ya know?

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I try to always have a protein shake after working out, and usually don't get replacement meal drinks or bars, this one was recommended and it was actually pretty good! :-)


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