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Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 4


Here is my update for the 30 Day Photography Challenge. Lori over at Happy Chaos life inspired got this thing going, and my friend Kristen over at Asymmetrical Joy let me know about it.

Day 4: Something Green

Today, Husband and I stayed in bed until 10 ish. Yum, we just slept in. Then talked. Then snuggled a bit. Then talked some more, and finally decided that it was time to get out of bed, because out tummies were seriously complaining.

We went and got ice cream for breakfast. Let me tell ya!!! Best breakfast EVER!

We drove around the new developments looking for house inspirations. Toll Brothers has got to be our favorite when it comes to semi-custom homes.

We’re sort of in love with this exterior:

Simply because it looks like a “freaking castle… and I want to live in a castle” these are my 27 year old husbands words.

We actually went driving around because we were looking for a particular wrap around deck that I had seen a year or so ago from Capital Pacific when my parents were looking for their house. It was to die for with two fire places and built in outdoor kitchen/grilling area. BUT the house had sold, and we were not about to be the weirdos knocking on strangers doors asking to see their deck.

After our little adventure we got some cleaning and organizing done in the basement, and honestly it looks like a bigger mess then what I started with. I also had the brilliant idea to vacuum the concrete… don’t judge, I have no clue what I was thinking. BUT nothing blew up, which is a good sign.

Then we all went out to dinner for my brother-in-laws second birthday celebration. We had some sea food at Red Lobster. It made me wish I was back down in Texas or up in Boston where they really know how to cook their seafood.

Then we had some carrot cake and I finally got a chance to take a picture of something green. So here is my Day 4 picture or the 30 Day Photography Challenge!!!

Day 4. Something Green

I’m happy to report that the carrot cake was yummy! It satisfied my rare sweet tooth perfectly. Now, I’m heading to bed, where I will rest my tired little eyes until I have to wake up and head to the gym for Body Pump… then work.

Happy Saturday night, or if you are reading this in the morning HAPPY SUNDAY!


  1. GORGEOUS house! I can't wait to start posting pictures the condos we'll soon be looking at. The east coast sure knows their seafood. West coast just isn't the same, unless its sushi, then it's the best.

  2. WOW that house is BEYOND WORDS!!!! Who wouldnt want to live in a castle?! :)

  3. awesome carrot cake. awesome castle and sleeping in late is ALWAYS awesome!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment! I'm in love with that house! And photography is something on my list to start working on now! haha, so I enjoy the photo challenges. Newly following =)


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