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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two more days of the Photo Challenge


Here is my update for the 30 Day Photography Challenge. Lori over at Happy Chaos life inspired got this thing going, and my friend Kristen over at Asymmetrical Joy let me know about it.

You get an extra special treat today. Two sets of pictures. I spaced posting last night, so here they are.

Day 8: Bad Habit

Day 8. Bad Habit

I know it may not seem bad. But honestly when my fingers type facebook without me even thinking about it, I realize I have a problem. I think Facebook is always up on my computer in some form or another, and if not on the computer then on the phone.

I love that I can keep in touch with so many people on it, but really my fingers should not be typing facebook when I don’t think about going to it.

Day 9: Someone you love


So I cheated and put up a picture of the Mister from a few months ago, because very picture of him I took today came out looking drunk, or some variation of it. It’s a bit sad but my husband hates to be photographed and usually has to be bribed into it. I can’t even think what I told him for this one.


  1. facebook is my main page when I open my computer. Used to be myspace. Does anyone even use myspace??

    adorable picture :)

  2. I'm way too addicted to Facebook too. Whenever I open up Firefox it's the first Bookmark I hit even if I had something else I was going to sad.

  3. hahhaa facebook is your bad habit?! that is awesome :-) i must say i use facebook much more on my phone when im bored than on my computer. when im on my computer im usually reading blogs. i even have trouble updated my facebook personal page and blog page!!! :-)

    you and your man are CUTEEEEE!!!

    hope u have a great weekend!!!!


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