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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday


It’s Wednesday, and that means that I’m link up with beautiful Jamie over at This Kind of Love.

There is always so much to love on Wednesday, especially lately. Wednesdays have turned into my favorite days of the week. Usually, I have the day off from work, school, and such. I get to have lunch with my grandpa and I get to catch up on life. Today, might be a little hectic since I have a few articles to start and finish since my computer is still inaccessible it might be a bit of a complicated task, but regardless the sun is shining, and everything is at peace.

Oh and to top things off, my cousin just had her baby halfway across the world. I wish I could go see my new little niece but it may have to wait until next summer when we have the money for such an expensive trip. BOO! I want to see her NOW. Any of you want to finance my trip?! Any takers at all?! 

Anyways, so that would be the first thing I’m loving! I have a new niece I get to buy all kinds of cute things for. I’m thinking some of these:

249624_166681673395851_154151414648877_437008_5274950_n 221658_156130277784324_154151414648877_360518_1015933_n204340_157708897626462_154151414648877_371341_310142_o

My friend Ashley makes these beautiful baby accessories, and I talked about her in this post. She is the owner of Cupcake Couture. You all should check them out if you have little ones that need cute accessories. 

I’m also loving these amazing pieces of jewelry from Marolsha

A Spring Garden Necklace.  Spring and Summer Inspired, Romantic, Sweet. A Great Gift. Garden Weddings.   

Summer Sun- A Pale Ivory Cream Rose Cabochon and Blue Turquoise Howlite Gemstone Beads Necklace. Bridal Gift. Summer Inspired.

Tamaria - A Clear Vintage Glass Pear shaped Earrings.  Romantic, Elegant, Feminine

Aren’t they just perfect? She has a ton of other items that I am absolutely in love with. AND I sort of wish I had unlimited funds to make all of them mine. I am going to have to add a few of them to my collection regardless. LOVE them!.

I’m also loving these shoes:


I need a new pair of flats, and I love the yellow, and the gems on this Naughty Monkey. They seem perfect for a summer day out or even a night out on the town.


These Guess by Marciano wedges are amazing. They look perfect for the summer. And I just love, LOVE, love Guess shoes. I haven’t owned a pair that was not comfortable or that I did not absolutely love.

As always I’m loving life in general.

And of course my handsome, hard working and absolutely amazing husband.


I’d like to point out that he deals with the above very well, and its another reason why I love him so dang much.

Hope y’all are having a fantastic Wednesday!



  1. I love the jewelry and shoes!!!

  2. Yep, LOVE that jewelry. I'm in the mood to go shopping after reading all of these posts about accessories and clothing from Jaime's sight. =)

  3. The baby items and the jewelry are so cute! And I love those sandals!

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous jewellery.
    Hope you stop by & see me soon xoxo

  5. I love that jewelry! Will have to check it out!! Aww, I know how you feel about your new niece - mine is due next month in Nashville, a couple thousand miles away :( If I could, I would finance your trip cuz I totally understand!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you again soon xoxo


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