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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I’m Not Ashamed to Admit…


On Monday my fellow Colorado Blogger, Courtney,  wrote a post titled I’m Not Ashamed to Admit…

I loved her post and thought it would be a great idea for this Thursday. If you want a few quick laughs head over to Courtney’s blog With Gratitude and read all about her little confessions. 


So here goes…

I’m not ashamed to admit…

… that I am slightly OCD and freak out when things do not go as planned. And even know I know all the techniques of dealing with obsessions and compulsions, I ignore them because life is easier if I follow through with my OCD

… that I hate when my husband travels alone, not because I’m jealous of the places he visits but because I’m secretly afraid something will happen to him and I wont be next to him. My biggest fear is being without him. I’m a baby.


… that after five years of school, and a stupid degree later, I have no clue what I want to do with my life. I realize I need to find a job, but there is NOTHING I can do with a BS in Psychology.

… that I could eat cheese, crackers and fruits for every meal during the summer.

… that I have a deep desire to cleanse out our lives from all the extra things we have, including clothes, shoes, decorations, books, DVDs, and so on.

… that I would love nothing more then to be able to pack up our belongings and head out on the road, with no particular destination in mind.

… that even though I love a clean and organized house, my house is nothing close to it right now. The mess drives me insane and I fuss at the Mister about it.

… that I the feeling I have after going to the gym, but can never seem to find motivation to get my butt there

… that I don’t want to lose weight, but rather get back into shape. I don’t care if I weigh 200 pounds as long as I like what my body looks like and am healthy.

… that I always state my opinion, and even though it gets me in trouble, I’d rather tell the truth then make up a white lie.

… that I enjoy blogging and writing more then anything right now, and would love to make a career out of it. I’ve even considered going back to school for a graduate degree in writing rather then psychology.

… that we spend entirely too much on vacations, travel and other experiences AND do not regret a penny of it.

… that I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes

And above all, I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT that I love my husband more than anything in the world. I cannot see where I would be if he wasn’t in my life. Even though it is cheesy, I truly do fall more in love with him every single day and am still amazed that I get him all to myself.



  1. I think we are soulmates...

    And I love your face in the last picture lol

  2. I can be a little OCD, too. I also love the shoes! Now I'M obsessed with them, too! :)

  3. What a brilliant post & a great idea!
    Am now following you, hope you follow me too xoxo

  4. I'm obsessed with shoes and extremely OCD...

  5. You and your Louboutin's. I want a pair. I want either black or nude patent leather pumps, and my favorite quote from Christian Louboutin is, "I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, 'Oh my God! That looks so comfortable!'..."

    Isn't that funny?!

  6. How sweet! I also love cheese, shoes and being in love!

    Im your new follower!



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