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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge


Here is my update for the 30 Day Photography Challenge. Lori over at Happy Chaos life inspired got this thing going, and my friend Kristen over at Asymmetrical Joy let me know about it.

June 1st is the first day. The challenge for today was a self portrait. Being me, I couldn’t decided which one I liked better so here are two taken this morning before I ran out of the house like a madwoman.

Day 1. Self Portrait

Day 1. Self Portrait 2

If you’d like to link up or check out all the other awesome pictures head on over to flicker and check them out. Leave some love for all the lovely people participating in this challenge.

For now I’m heading to bed, my body is sore and Body Pump kicked my little big tush.  


  1. what a great idea... I should be participating too!
    I like the first photo more, especially the background that offers a glimpse into your personal life. I feel like there is a story behind this photo.

  2. lovely photo! im only on day 2 of my 365 photo challenge and i can't even decide on a photo for it LOL! :-) have a great day zara

  3. You are super adorable and I am loving your blog.

  4. What a super duper cute picture :) And what a wonderful idea! Ive been sooooo off from my exercises lately that its sad! LOL but im definitely starting to get back into it <3 Anyways i think i might link up with you this sounds like such fun! YAY

  5. You are so cute!!! I am in the market for a new camera. Got any suggestions? Ps- I love that you are loving some Justin Moore :)


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