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Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoe’s for my Mama!


Last night my mom complained that she couldn’t find any comfortable, reasonably priced shoes for work.

Being the awesome daughter that I am, I decided to pull together some shoes from Aldo's (one of my favorite go to shoe places) which are all under $50.00 AND every single one of them is “work qualified.” My awesome mama works at one of the biggest hospitals here in Denver, and their department has a shoe code that requires for them to have either fully closed toes and at most a peep toe. My mama is also pretty picky when it comes to the type of shoe, what material and how comfy they will be.

imageHere ya go Mama! You can get all 9 of these shoes for less then $500… which is half of what Dad suggested you pay for a pair of shoes.

Love ya mucho Mom!


  1. Love the top middle nude pump. SO CUTE! And I have red scalloped heels similar to those red ones from Shoe Dazzle, they are my all-time favorite pair of shoed that I own. She may also want to check DSW if you have one near you. I always get my work shoes from there.

  2. all of these are sooo perfect and reasonably priced for work!!! :-) im crazy about nude pumps :-)

    hope you had a nice weekend zara!

  3. Love Aldo and loveeeees these shoes. Great selection for your mama :)

  4. what a gorgeous collection!!!!!!!!! love loveeee shoes! jejeje

    also i wanted to let you know i gave your blog an award :) enjoy


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