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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Come on in

The Mister leaves on a week long conference tomorrow to the middle of nowhere Virginia, so I figured I’d put him to work putting together my new office/craft/work area in the basement.
Our basement is HUGE, literally a full size basement, unfortunately it is not finished yet, so please excuse the insulation installed but not dry-walled walls.

 Please don’t mind all the wires, or the fact that the wall looks right out of an insane asylum. This is where the Mister is trying to figure out how to make my brother’s old PC work. I think I’m really going to enjoy having a desktop computer to work on. 

The computer actually turns on, and loads everything up. So my brother has a mission to reformate it so that I can load my programs on. HELLO Photoshop on a desktop! It is going to be epic, since the screen resolution will be much better then on my laptop and the netbook! Woo!

 Then we’ve got the art’s desk. I use to use this as a scrapbooking desk but it has not combine all kinds of arts. Including the paintings I’m working on, and all kids of other projects. OH and an extra yay for my mother who dug up some of my old acrylics and a bottle of clear varnish. She just saved me about $50.00!!! Thanks Mama!

Close up of the desk! Just because I know you were DYING to see it!

And a sawing table set up. Those pretty fabrics will soon be turned into some great scarves. They are going to be fantastic.
I know there is still a lot of work to do. The area needs some major cleaning up and decorating and wire hiding. However, I am stocked that it is all up and set, and actually functional.

Now only if the computer will reformat and the internet will connect. I will be one happy camper.

I may or may not be around tomorrow due to an ugly little exam I need to take on Tuesday, but if not. I will hopefully be back from the laptop with lots of posts and updates for you all by mid week.

AND a giveaway by the end of the week to celebrate the 50 followers. 


  1. Your basement hardly looks like a basement! It's so bright. So jealous of your crafting space. I want some of my own.

  2. I love it!
    I wish I had a basement for my own little craft area!!

  3. I love the area! Makes me want a craft space even though I suck at crafts

  4. How lucky are you to have such a huge basement!! I would love to have one to spread out and have a little craft area!!! I love your flower paintings!! :)

  5. how nice and organized!!! and you have a sewing machine! niceeeee!

    can't wait for your giveaway girl! hope you have a day!

  6. Cute! I'm jealous of your basement!! I want a sewing machine. I used to know how to sew, but probably lost any skill I once had.

  7. What a great basement area! I need a little crafty area myself :)


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