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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travel Tuesday – How to pack for a tropical vacation


A friend of mine is heading off to Mexico on Saturday and we were talking about what she should pack for her 8 day 7 night tropical vacation. So I thought I’d share what I usually pack when we head to an all inclusive in Mexico for a week.

First things first. BIKINIS


Since we usually spend three to four full days on the beach I always like taking four statement bikinis. I also take two to three plain string bikinis that can go on under my wetsuit for diving, and if I need to I can use them on the beach as well, if I’m just working on a killer tan.


Every single resort we have been to has required for everyone to have clothes on when going into the buffets for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since we usually grab a quick breakfast on our way to the beach and run in for a quick lunch if we can’t eat on the beach I tend to take anywhere from 3 to 4 cover ups. I tend to try to match them to my statement bikinis but that’s just my OCD. Cover ups are perfect because it’s almost as if you have a dress on, but you can just take it off and lay right back down on the beach. PLUS I think their super sexy, especially the loose chiffon ones.


I love loose, chiffon or lace dresses. I also like cotton and gauzy dresses. These are perfect for when you go to one of the restaurants for dinner, or if you head out on the town when you are in Cancun and decide to visit all the fun bars and clubs. These dresses are also great, because you can dress them up or down with minimal effort.

imageI love skirts, and honestly am not a huge fan of shorts, but I always pack at least one pair of cotton shorts, just because they are easy to pull on when we’re heading over to dive sites, or doing any other kind of excursion where I don’t want to be flashing everyone my panties. I also take a pair of “Daisy Duke” shorts just because the Mister loves them and if you have nice legs and a butt, go ahead and show them off Winking smile!!


I always over-pack when it comes to tops. Just remember that you will only need about a top a day, and when you are on the beach all you really need is the cover up, and for dinner you’ll most likely wear a dress. So really about 10 tops is all you need. I’m in love with tank tops, especially loose, flowing feminine tops. I’d probably pack something along the lines of this, possibly a few statement ones.


Finally, shoes!!! You want a pair of flip flops for the beach and walking around, a pair of neutral wedges for dinners and dressing up. A pair of statement flats for going out and a pair of tennis shoes (I prefer all stars when traveling) for going on tours.

There are several other items I would throw in. But really these are my necessary clothing items.

What do you usually pack?!   


  1. ohhhh goodness i need to fit in your suitcase for sure!

    i love that you put chuck taylors! i wear mine almost every day LOL!!!!!!! :-)

  2. WHAT GORGEOUS PICKS :) Im so considering getting some fun cover ups like those, they are so gorgeous <3 LOVEEE

  3. LOVEEEEE that yellow swimsuit in the first collage. So freaking cute. I'd love 10 times more if it were pink. I pack the same shiz! great post Zara

  4. LOVE the dresses. I wish I could pack so little when traveling. I pack a ton because I think I want options.

    I think multiple sunglasses need to make the list. Incase one breaks


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