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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog Sale!!!! [SHOES]

For those of you who know me, you also know that I am obsessed with shoes. We’re talking more then 200 pairs obsessed. And can you imagine that from those 200+ pairs I could only part with this handful. And even so I’m pretty reluctant to do it, but most of these babies haven’t been worn in over a year and I think it’s time they find a home with someone who’ll pay them a bit more attention.
So here they are:
Brand: Aldo  Size: 39  Material: Leather Color: White Price: $10.00
I bought these babies about two years ago, maybe three. Wore them maybe 5 times, most likely less. Their a bit narrow on my foot. I don’t have a wide foot, but these seemed a bit narrower then most Aldo shoes. I love them dearly, and wish I could wear them more, but they’ve just been sitting around collecting dust. Oh and just a note there is a tiny little hidden wedge that will give you just a bit more height.
IMG_7495 IMG_7497  
Brand: Madden Girl (UmaaSize: 8.5  Material: Not Leather Color: Plum Price: $10.00
These shoes were originally $60.00, and I wanted them desperately, but there was not a chance in heck I was going to pay full price. I waited a while and ended up getting them for half the price. I’ve had them for over a year now, and wore them maybe 3 times, I can recall two of these times. They are super cute and get lots of complements but for some reason I just don’t wear them often enough.
 Brand: Michelle D  Size: 8.5 M  Material: Leather Color: Light Blue Price: $5.00
These are a bit older, and much more loved. Maybe some of the most comfortable summer shoes I’ve ever had. I bought these several years ago, and honestly couldn’t tell you exactly how long. What I can tell you is that I wore them a ton (compared to my other shoes). The sole is a bit worn, but the shoe is in very nice shape. I tried these on after I took the photo and reconsidered selling them, but I promised myself that everything I pulled out of the closet will go on here. So here they are. Comfy, light and very very loved.
IMG_7505 IMG_7506
Brand: Gianni Bini  Size: 8.5 M  Material: Leather Color: Light Pink/Blush Price: $5.00
This is another pair of very loved shoes. Same story as above with the blue Michelle D pair. I think I actually bought these two at the same time, maybe even on the same shopping trip. Both came from Dillard’s I know that. The sole is a bit worn but no holes or anything. I wore these for a season maybe two and they have been sitting in my closet sense then. I love the light pink color and the fact that there is a different shade of pink and a lavender that are in the front straps. Super comfy shoe for a day out shopping! These babies took a trip with me to Austria!
Brand: Candie’s  Size: 8.5 (I think)  Material: Not Leather Color: tan Price: SOLD
So I’m not really sure when or why or how I got these guys. I want to say they were a present from someone, maybe?! They are nothing too special, I did wear them a few times. Their comfortable enough for a day on your feet. Simple enough to go with almost enough. I simply have other wedges that I love more, and these guys have taken the backburner. I was a bit surprise to find them in the back of my closet. I don’t have any emotional ties to this pair, so can’t really tell you much.

Brand: Bakers  Size: 8.5  Material: Leather Color: Silver Price: SOLD
When flats came into fashion, I looked high and low for a pair of perfect silver flats for some occasion or another. I remember everything I liked was over $100, and I even considered buying a pair at $80 even though I didn’t love them. That same day I came across these at Bakers when I was looking for a completely different shoe. They were $40.00 and I had to have them. I wore them a few times after that. Their comfortable enough, but they are flats, and my feet use to hate flats so these guys got forgotten about until today when I pulled them out of the closet. They need a home.
Day 5. High AngelGuess Slip ons
Brand: Guess  Size: 8.5 M  Material: Leather Sole Fabric Upper Color: Black with silver heel Price: $10.00
These are one of my favorite Guess shoes. I love Guess in general, especially the Carries, they are so comfortable and perfect for my foot. BUT being the clumsy mess that I am, I need at least a sling back when it comes to heels. Hence, these lovelies were bought and worn only a handful of times, and then sat in my closet waiting for the day that I would become less clumsy and could wear them with grace. Since I doubt I’m going to become more graceful in the next few decades they need a new home.
Brand: Antonio Melani  Size: 8.5 M  Material: Leather Color: Pink Price: $8.00
I drooled over these babies for a whole season before I gave in and bought them. This was when I was still in high school, and worked at the bookstore with my grandfather, and had to pay for gas, car, and everything else I wanted to do out of pocket because I was too “grown up” to bum money off my parents. Don’t' ask I was a weird child. So I saved and waited until these went on sale and bought them. The fact that they were pink, high and that I was still in high school really limited where I wore these. Again, these shoes have maybe been worn a handful of times. Lovely little things, and now that I think about it and look at them the heel isn’t quite as high as I use to think.
Brand: Gap Size: 8.5 M  Material: Leather Color: Tan/goldish Price: $5.00
I bought these right before my last trip to Mexico, took them all the way out there to wear with one dress. Wore them and they have yet to be worn again. I wish I had grabbed the 9s instead of the 8.5 because I feel that they are a bit small on me. They are super cute and pretty comfortable. Perfect for a day on the town or on the beach.
All Items are first come first serve. All items are pre-owned by me, and I have worn them at least once unless otherwise stated. 
For shipping within the US there is an additional $5.00 per item, unless I can fit them into one box, and I will do my best to fit them into one box, Promise!!
For international shipping there is an additional $15.00 per item, unless I can fit them into one box, if so it will be just $15.00.
All payments through PayPal.
Send me an email at eatshopandbemarried [@] Gmail [dot] com with the items you would like, and I will email you a confirmation and an invoice.
Next up is Jewelry and some of the clothing items, this has turned out to be a bigger project then I thought. So if you want to wait and see what else there will be you are more then welcome to email me the items and tell me to put them on hold for you. 
Please, please please only email me if you are really interested and want these items. If I put something on hold and then not come back for it, I’ll be super sad especially if I turn someone else down for the item because it’s reserved for you.  


  1. Ugh! I am so sad I am not the same size (I wear 7.5 or 8). I would take them all off your hands right now! :(

  2. I would love to buy your beautiful shoes if they were my size! Good luck, what a great idea.

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like i hit the jackpot or something jejeje im an 8.5 and ill definitely be sending you an email soon <3

  4. this is brilliant. too bad i am a size 9ish.

  5. boooooo!! I'm a size 6...if I were an 8.5 you would have these ALL off your hands! :)

  6. wahhhh you wear my shoe size! but i can't shop anymore as im packing and struggling to pack what i already have :(

  7. adore all of these shoes. thrilled I stumbled upon your blog. I'm following, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over 3 months ago after graduating from college in the south and moving across the country to LA. The site's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. I'd love if if you'd stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Any support would be awesome. Thanks love. xoxo


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