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Monday, June 27, 2011

It’s Monday and I’m back on Track


Last week was interesting and very frustrating, and I was going to write all about it on here, but decided that it would just ruin my good mood. Hence, no recap. It’s in the past and I do not want to think about it.

On the very bright note, my Monday started out with a free morning and afternoon. So I went to the gym. I fixed my membership issues, which should allow me to have access to my online account now.

I spent 35 minutes on a stationary bike, per recommendation of my doctor.This was the first time I was on a stationary bike, and I think I like it. I might even take a spinning class in the near future.

Even though it only burned 150 calories in the 35 minutes I spent on the bike, I could feel it working my quads, and my knee didn’t hurt once.

After the gym I headed over to Shane Co. To get my ring cleaned and another one resized. Another, thing off my to do list is complete now.

When I got home, I wasn’t too hungry but knew I should eat something, so I made myself a fruit and cheese plate.


I had aged Gouda and some Gruyere, which are two of my favorite cheeses. A whole black plum, half of a Granny Smith apple, some grapes (which were super sweet and awesome) and a few butter crackers. It hit the spot and was defiantly a good choice.

For now, I’m going to finish drying my hair and head out to the library to try and teach a 10 year old to like reading. If you have any suggestions of books or tips on getting a kid to learn to like reading, I’d greatly appreciate you sharing. 

PS: Don’t forget about my very first give away


  1. Ryan and I once took a spinning class and I think my butt hurt for about a week after. Why do those seats have to be so darn uncomfortable??

  2. Good for you! I sadly slept through my workout, but I'll get back on track tomorrow!

  3. I've heard biking doesn't burn cals well.. but i like what it does to the legs and buttox! I'm looking for a fast fix on my thighs before this coming weekend. Not sure what to do.

    That lunch looks super yummy. i LOVE aged gouda, or any gouda. I say the stinkier the cheese, the better. Glad your week started off on a good note. I have a response to your email coming tonight or tomorrow :)

  4. OOOOO yummy! this looks soooo soo delicious <3 this reminds me that i NEED to get back into my workout routine!

  5. ohhh cheese and crackers are tempting me to get something to eat!!!! looks so good girl!!!

    have a wonderful day! <3

  6. i joined a gym. I can't wait to be able to run on the treadmill whenever I want. Also, do you do zumba ever? This gym I joined has it.


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