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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Confessions


It’s Friday again and time for the confessions for the week. I’m linking up with Mamarazzi!


I confess...

... that I'm somehow running a week ahead in my schedule but I'm about a week behind in the workload.

... I'm putting aside write several assignments just to spend some time with a friend and her kids, and I love it. I hope that when I have kids I can be as good a mom as my friend and have adorable children like her. In all honesty she's my idol!

... I drink entirely too much caffeine in form of coffee and tea.

... I LOVE literally LOVE helping others when it comes to school, work and building personal goals. I think this is the psychologist in me coming out. AND honestly if I didn't need the money I'd do it for free.

... I also love meeting people, and am grateful to have met so many amazing people in my short life.

... I am a little jealous of my friend that will be heading out to Mexico tomorrow morning, but I hope that she has an amazing time because she truly deserves the vacation.

... my kitchen is a mess.

... but my laundry isn't piling up.

... I'm going to go with the Mister to his Magic tournament tonight, even though I'd rather be doing something else. But he wants my support, therefore he will get it.

... I'm also a little jealous of my Mister, because he's little blog that is only a month and a week old has already gotten more views then mine, and he's averaging about 300+ views a day. Head over and check it out if you want to OD on Magic the Gathering info. 

... my friend and I are working on a project that should be completely amazing, and I hope y'all will love. I'm a little nervous about how well it will turn out but hope that it is fantastic. It would be amazing.

... I am still taking pictures for the blog sale! Who new I had so much stuff. And I haven't even done the final run through my closet. Sad isn't it?!

I'm thinking this weekend you should see the blog sale going up, however I have a question, would you guys rather see it in one post? several posts? or on the Facebook page?!

By the way if you aren't already following me on facebook and twitter head on over and follow for latest updates on life, the blog sale and so on. The buttons are on my right hand panel. I'll follow you right back!!!

With that I am off to the Botanical Gardens! 


  1. Too funny that your hubby plays Magic! Ry seriously loves it. Tomorrow we're going over to the house of a couple friend of ours and the boys (and a few others) are going to play Descent while we go shopping! haha

  2. I just love that your mister has a blog!! :)

  3. Found your blog through Sarah at Sunlight After Rain, and hopefully I've given you a few more blog views! Love your blog!


  4. i hope you had fun at the botanical gardens!!

    thanks for linking up!!


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