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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Travels – Travel Essentials


I haven’t met anyone who didn’t love to travel. Whether it is for a long weekend road trip or a month long European tour, there are some things we simply cannot live without while traveling. For me, there are a few items that are musts when I travel, no matter where to.

My very first Tuesday Travels post was about my always packed overnight bag. I talked all about what I have packed and ready to go, if we decided to run out of the house and take a short or long trip last minute.

This post, is going to be about the few items that are on a list inside my little overnight bag as a reminded of what I need that do not fit into the overnight bag.

{ONE} – Wedges

Depending on what time of the year it is, I like to either take a closed wedge or an open toed, more summery wedge.

imageI tend to go for a nude, light brown and sometimes a pinkish tinted wedge that will go with a tote that I’ll be using on the trip. The wedge has to be comfortable for a day on my feet, exploring and sight seeing. A wedge is a must because it is so easy to dress down and up all at once. This cuts out on the need to have a pair of shoes to go with every outfit.

For example the nude Christian Louboutin’s (second on the top) are perfect for both a day on the town with a pair of jean shorts and a night out with a flirty dress. The added comfort of having a wedge instead of a heel is also perfect.

{TWO} – Bikini

I tend to go for a basic and always classy bikini when packing just one. I love Victoria Secret bikinis and think that 90% of what I own are from there. I recently got this number for under $40, from there, and love the color. The pastels always make you look tanner than you are! So I pack a solid color bikini. In the summer I tend to go for a black or a bright color, in the winter for pastels or white.

{THREE} – Jeans

Packing your favorite pair of jeans is a must. Pick a pair that makes your butt look awesome, your legs long and would work perfect with the wedges you are taking.


I’ve recently started to love the Miss Me brand jeans, which fit perfectly on me. I also love the distressed/destroyed look. Not too much of it, but just enough to make the jeans look worn and comfortable. I love bootcut, because it fits perfectly over heels and wedges, and I’m one of those girls that likes the jean to either sit at the ankle (skinny) or cover the shoe all the way. I hate that mid-shoe, high water sort of look. BAH. 

{FOUR} Two or three tanks or t-shirts


I love simple tanks and t-shirts when traveling. They are very versatile. You can wear them with jeans, shirts, shorts, and so on. Dress them up with a long necklace and VOLA! Perfect outfit for a day out or a night on the town.

{FIVE} – Cross body bag or Tote

imageI am obsessed with Coach bags. I have a few from different places, but the majority of my bags are from Coach, and honestly I love the quality. Granted I never pay full price for a single one! I’m lucky enough to have a Coach Factory Outlet only about an hour away and usually get an additional 30% OFF of the already 50% OFF prices. I prefer to have a cross body bag for when I’m traveling, small enough to handle an ID, a credit card, some cash, my camera, a pair of sunglasses and chap stick. However, I like to actually get on a plain with a tote, so that I can bring a book, snacks and so on with me. So I tend to take a cross body, and a tote with me.

{SIX} A Dress

image I’ll usually just grab one or two dresses. Depending on what the occasion of the travel and where we are going, and what time of the year. I tend to grab either a black dress that I can dress up or down, or a shirt dress that is more casual.

{SEVEN} – Cardigan


Finally, a cardigan to cover up on a cool evening, or to dress up an outfit. I love cardigans, simple because they are the perfect companion to any outfit. They are not as casual as hoodies but just as comfortable.


What do you pack as a must in your travel bag?!


  1. definitely agree with you on the wedges! they are fashionable, but also very comfortable for trekking around a city! my favorite walking/touring shoe is my minnetonka moccasins ;-) hahhah!

  2. I love the wedges and I always bring basically what you bring ... lounge clothes, dresses, comfy shoes, flips, a cardi or hoodie in case it were to get cold and lots os underwear! hahaha

  3. Those nude espadrilles are so delish! A wrap to ward off chill is a travel must have pour moi!


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