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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A quick little update


My laptop adaptor literally blew up on me yesterday before I had time to update all my pre-typed posts and make them final. SO you guys are not going to get an update until I actually retype everything and try to get my pictures onto the netbook, which I am using until a new adaptor gets to me.

Speaking of a new adaptor, apparently the HP Touchsmart power adaptors are crappy, because this is the second one that has blown up on me. I’ve had my laptop for about three years now and this is the third time within a year that I am having to replace the adaptor. Oh that note, Amazon is failing me. They did not have any adaptors that they could ship to me within two days or overnight. Every single adaptor was sold by third party sellers, meaning I have to wait anywhere from a week to 2 before I will get my power supply. BOO.

As for the update, I have photos for the photo challenge, which all happen to be sitting on my laptop, since it was just my luck to have emptied my SD card on Sunday. BOO again.

I’ll will do my best to have a Travel Tuesday post up by tonight, as long as I have no further problems with this netbook. Speaking of the netbook, the battery on this thing is pooped as well, so it has to constantly be plugged in, if it is accidently unplugged it completely shuts down, without any warning at all. BOO times three.

I think I want to go old school and get a desktop, and possibly go back to a Toshiba laptop, since I never had any issues with any of the Toshibas I’ve had in the past.

OR should I just get a desktop and an iPad to use as a portable device? OR I even considered going to a Mac, I just don’t want to deal with having to buy all new programs that are competiable with a MAC since I have everything for a PC.

What are you all using right now?! What programs for blogging? I use Live Writer and I know there isn’t a version of it for Mac, which makes me sad, because I LOVE using Live Writer.

Bah. Advice? Ideas? Words of support and understanding to make me feel better about my technological failings?!

Love all y’all!

Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday.


  1. i always have technology problems LOL! i think it is because i over do stuff on my machines. i overdownload or whatever. i currently have a sony viao computer (laptop) and an ipad. i also have an ipod and a blackberry. those are really the only "machines" i have. i wish i could offer advice LOL!!! but im bad at technology ;-)

    and PS: totally will send u a postcard once im settled in norway!!!!

  2. I suck when it comes to technology, however, owning a Mac has helped me out tremendously! No joke. I almost never have any technology issues with it, and I had tons of them when I had a PC. Needless to say, never going back there :-)
    I hope you find something that works for ya :-)

  3. I love my Mac. I am generally pretty stupid about technology. I have a desktop and an ipad and want a laptop. :) The ipad is not great for blogging.

  4. I'm with Tatiana!

    I am notorious for breaking anything I home and at work. At home, I am on my 8th personal laptop in 7 years and my 3rd work laptop in one year. Yeah, it's bad. I've had every brand of PC and managed to break everyone in various ways (hard drive crash, charging unit problems, overheating, cracked motherboards, cracked screens, etc).

    And now I have a MacBook Pro. So far so good...I definitely recommend it!

    Come on Zara, come to the darkside! :-)

  5. I think I already told you ... MAC MAC MAC ! I love my ibook, but I have a PC at work. I do feel ya on not wanting to have to get all new programs. I just love MACs so much because they very rarely ever have technical issues. I can't deal with tech stuff, so it's perfect for me! If I have PC issues at work, I luckily have an IT department I can whine to. Not at home, booo!

  6. UGH!!! I'm sorry - that sucks!! We went Mac back in March and LOVE it!! I don't know what all you do on your computer, but the Max comes with tons of stuff on it and the only thing we had to buy was the office programs (OS). I would totally recommend Mac! I'm debating whether to get the iPhone or the iPad - greedy me wants both!! ;)


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