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Friday, May 20, 2011

Confessions on a Friday


It’s Friday again and time for the confessions for the week. I’m linking up with Glamazon & Mamarazzi!


I confess that I did all my laundry this week, it took about 7 loads, but it’s all done. So really the confession is that I’m a slacker when it comes to doing laundry. I’d rather go buy more clothes then wash the ones I have.

I confess that if my laundry room looked like this I would be much more likely to get it done on time. I also think that a laundry room needs to be right next the master bedroom. Yes?!

I’ve also been paying quite a bit in my Fat Tax, and skipped out on the gym yesterday as well. I used the rain outside as an excuse. I’m an awful person!!!

I confess that all I’ve been wanting to do is curl up in bed and sleep, for a week. The weather has been gloomy, and I have been craving some alone time. Enough alone time that I would have no problem canceling plans for the next two weeks to stay home with my books and computer.

I also confess that I have been obsessing about this blog, I am not really sure why, but it’s been such a great resource of getting my thoughts together and keeping track of life that I want to sit down and document the past 22 years of my life.

Shoes… I finally got my shoes. I must confess I LOVE them, but they might be slightly uncomfortable being patient leather and all. However, there is not a chance in heck I would return them. I’m one of those that believes if the shoe hurts then it must look fabulous. Granted they are not that uncomfortable, so maybe they don’t look that fantastic. hummm.  

I’ve been obsessively cleaning lately, and honestly I like it. I love having a clean home, where things are organized. I use to just shove things in closets and under the bed to make it look clean and tidy, but as I grow I start taking on my mom’s cleaning genes. I hate messes.

I also have been working on a few new projects that should be debuting in a few weeks, and I confess that I really, really really want to share with y’all but think I’ll keep it a surprise.

I’ve been so antsy and nervous lately about  moving, grad schools, family and so on. I’m excited for new chapters but it’s hard for me to walk out of my comfort zone and invest myself and our money into something new.

I want my granpas bookstore back, the actual brick and mortar version of it not just the online. I want to sit behind my computer, surrounded by books and work away the day.

Finally, I’ve been eating so much junk lately that my skin is freaking out, I feel gross and I need to stop.


I’m declaring this Friday as the turning point in my awful eating, unwillingness to go to the gym and the fact that I’ve just been a hermit. Blah.

On the brighter note, I hope y’all are having a fantastic Friday! Denver finally has some sunshine, so I’m going out to get groceries for our boil tonight.


PS… Keep your eye’s peeled for the fantastic recipe for the easiest shrimp/crawfish boil in the world!




  1. Know just what you mean, I go through those junk phases too. And yes, brick and mortar bookstores win hands down.

  2. The laundry room next to the master is going to be an absolute requirement for my next house!

  3. I heart junk food too! A hard addiction to kick... Also? That laundry room is to die for! Way better than our garage :)

    (popping over from Friday Confessional!)


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