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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Story – Part Two


The Mister and I started officially dating in August of 2007, and within a few short months we both knew that we’d be getting married. It was just one of those things that feels right. We never really had any wild nights on the town and were usually content sitting on the love seat in the basement watching TV, reading or talking.

We were both in school at this time, the Mister in his last few semesters of school and me in my first few. The Mister had quit his job to try and finish school since it was taking him more then the four years to finish, and I was working 60+ hour weeks and going to school full time. We spent practically all of our free time together, but usually we each had our noses stuck in a textbook.

In our first year together we made some great memories:


The Mister’s 23rd Birthday – Underworld concert at the Fillmore (9.11.07)


We went to the annual Denver Parade of Lights right before Christmas

IMG_0364group photo small

We went to the Renaissance Festival


Where I got “bonked” on the head by Ded Bob and the Mister met a very willing pirate

IMG_0127  IMG_0134

We also enjoyed a Smoked Turkey Leg… you can really tell who enjoyed it more!


We celebrated July 4th with some great friends, and lots of booze!


And overall had a fantastic time!

We we got into fights, maybe one or two big ones. But honestly we never thought of breaking up or had second thoughts about our relationship. It sounds strange to say it now, but we’ve had a pretty solid relationship since the very beginning.


Stay tuned for our second year together which had a lot more going on.

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