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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday


It seems that I’ve been loving lots of things lately so I’m linking up with Jamie over at this kind of love.

I’m loving that we’ll be visiting the Grand Canyon in two months time with some of our best friends

It’s hard to beat this kind of natural beauty and we hear August is some of the best time to go.

These pumps!


And the fact that they should be arriving at my doorstep sometime today. Yay! for sexy nude pumps.

These Dresses

image   image

You may think I’m crazy, but I was wearing a long ribbed tank the other day while trying to find a pair of jeans to wear, and the hubby commented that a dress like that would look cute. I remembered seeing them at Victoria Secret and here they are.


I also came across this dress while looking for the two above. Yup. I’m in love.

And this.


Okay and one last one

How I wish I had a bottomless wallet that could afford all these pretty dresses.

I’m kind of… sort of… loving the fact that this could be our new city, potentially

Austin, Texas

or this

Dallas, Texas

Loving that I will have the opportunity and the choice to make our first house look like this:




These are just ideas, but some that come from the builder that we are looking to build with. These models and styles are available both in Austin and Dallas area.

I just really love the fact that I will walk into a home that I have chosen rather then one that will need to be scrubbed and cleaned. Our first home will have everything that we wont and will need zero amount of “prettying up.” I hope I don’t sound like a snob, but neither the Mister nor I really get into home improvement DIY projects so if we moved into an older home and it didn’t have hardwood floors we’d have to hire someone to replace the carpet or redo counters or what not. So in order to save us the time, headache and money we have finally decided to build… Not custom just yet, but brand new for sure.

Ha! On that note… I’ll finish up with the fact that I’m always and forever loving my amazing husband!


It was kind of freezing on graduation day. Hence the hoodie, leather jacket and gloves.



  1. I love the pumps...You will have to take a pic of them when you receive them!

  2. Yay for new beginnings! You will have so much fun choosing everything! And the Grand Canyon is beautiful... It's an amazing experience! Girl, those shoes are TO.DIE.FOR.! And the dresses are AMAZING!:) Can't wait to hear more about the move and house!

  3. love the shoes and dresses! i love those house pictures

  4. I LOVE those shoes...jealousment!

    That bathroom looks fabulous! It feels like such a should help make a wonderful house!!

  5. You're going to love the Grand Canyon, its breathtaking! Love your new pumps!

  6. I MUST know where the shoes are from?!


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