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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remember, Remember


Hope you all are having a fantastic Memorial Day! Please don’t forget that to thank the men and women who serve. Don’t forget what Memorial Day is all about.


Thank you to all who have served!

I personally know many who have served, retired and are still serving. While many of them are military there are also civilians who are supporting our Armed forces with technology, innovations and support. I’d personally like to thank the following people who are close to my heart and who have served our country.

My grandfather – Vietnam and Korea (Navy)

Zach Smith – active military, just returned from Afghanistan (Army)

Grandfather-in-Law (Hubby’s Dad’s side) – Army

Grandfather-in-Law (Hubby’s Mom’s side) – Army (passed away last year on Memorial Day)

Father-in-law – dedicated his entire career to making our fighter jets better

My Husband – who is currently a DOD civilian

I’d also like to thank all the spouses, family members and friends who support our men and women in uniform. Thank you for all you do for a country that seems to forget about those at enemy lines. Thank you for keeping us safe, and for all the scarifies you make.

Please don’t take Memorial Day for granted, I know for many this is just another day off of work and school. But this day is meant to be so much more then a holiday from work.


Have a fantastic day all!

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  1. All those men and women who choose to protect our country so we could have our freedom are so awesome in my book. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial day!


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