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Monday, May 23, 2011

My First Blog Award!


Seems like this week is a great number of first for me! I just checked my comments and did a little jig when I saw this one:


Sarah is adorable, go make friends with her over at Sunlight After Rain

The award requires the recipient to post 7 facts about themselves. And just because I know you are dying to know more about me here they are:


I love when it rains! I really do, but only if I can stay home and curl up on the couch with my favorite book. I’d love to spend the day lounging around enjoying a good read. I also hate when I wake up and it’s gloomy out, only for the sun to shine 10 minutes later. It gives me hope that we’ll have a grey day, then goes around and breaks my heart.


I’m really ready to move from Colorado to a state with more stable weather. I love Colorado, especially Denver and the mountains, but I feel that I’ve lived here long enough, maybe I’ll come back one day, but for now I cannot wait to move somewhere different and start over. I think I’m just craving adventure.


The Mister and I have gotten into this bad habit of spending too much money on vacations and experiences. Just in the last year we spent over $20K on vacations, weekend trips, shows and so on. Not to mention how much we spent on going out and cars. HOWEVER, I don’t regret a single penny of this. We had so much fun that we cannot wait to get some extra room on the credit cards so we can do it all over again. (Please note that I don’t recommend doing this if you have depends or your job isn’t stable. Credit card debt sucks, especially at high interests. We’re just wacky) 


I love writing, I really do! I’m also good at it, at least I’m better at writing then anything else in the world. I’m a little sad that I didn’t at least minor in writing to improve my skills.


I really should be looking for full time employment, however, I’d rather do my own thing and have been trying to put a few things together. Seems like they might work out, so keep your fingers crossed for me. It would be fantastic to continue to work from home!


I am obsessed with photography, and cannot wait to add a few new lenses to my collection. I also, think that I love to travel because I get to take new pictures of things I would otherwise not be able to. ALSO, I would much rather have photographs then videos of our trips. I feel that photos tell a story much better.


I am really trying super duper hard to get my life in control regarding spending an excess amount of money on food and such. I really need to start couponing but don’t know where to start. So if any of you have helpful tips, I’d appreciate them very much.

AND now for the fun part, here are the blogs that this award goes to:

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Ramblings of A Small Town Girl

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and of course

The Bargain Blonde


  1. AWW!! Thanks so much!! You are just too sweet!!! :)

  2. YAY!! Thank you soooo much!!!! LOVE IT! I love rainy weather too if I'm inside. It's so calming. AND ... I love writing as well. THe blog world is a great place for us to get our creativity out. I love it so much!

  3. Yay! So happy you enjoyed it! Love your blog - love you! I love that you're so into writing. Such a fun thing to do and so happy that you find something that you feel good at, and that you enjoy! That's hard to find in the world sometimes :D


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