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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Shoe Always Fits …


So as I was looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear for this weekend for my maybe graduation but official walk, I came across a pair at Aldo’s that looked very similar to a pair of $365.00 pair of Stuart Weitzman’s. Then, upon further search I found that it wasn’t just one pair of shoes that was similar in style to a high end designer shoe but I could find several.

Lately, I’ve been craving some amazing designer looks, however, being the broke and unemployed student that I am, I can’t spend $800 on a pair of Louboutins, as much as I would want to… I cannot spend more then my car payment on a pair of shoes… that would seem a bit silly for this time in age.

While eventually, I am sure I will splurge on a pair of high end designers, if not a few, but this will come when and if I am actually making more then $1000 a month. So for now, I have a new project. Each week, I’m going to pick out three designer shoes and try and find similar models for under a $100.00… you know the reasonable amount a penniless college student can pay.  


For this week, I bring you the above beauties! I’ve been drooling over the Stuart Weitzman for a while, as well as the Rupert Sanderson and the Christian Louboutin. Oh, how I would love to have the kind of money that it would require to have these shoes.

The top, are the actual designer shoes the bottom are the comparable Aldo versions. I am not going to say that Aldo will always be my choice for picking “replicas” however I love the shoe they make. I have not had a single shoe from Aldos that I did not love… and to date I have more then 20 pairs from their, including 5 pairs of boots.

So lets meet the shoes:

  1. Stuart Weitzman “Alex” – $365.00 
  2. Rupert Sanderson “Donegal” – $855.00
  3. Christian Louboutin “Banana” – $795.00
  4. Aldo “Connally” – $35.00 (on sale)
  5. Aldo “Fornili” – $45.00 (on sale)
  6. Aldo “Romanelli” – $75.00

If I was to go and buy all three of those beauties, because you always need a nude pump, a summer sandal and a close-toed oxford, it would cost me $2015.00 plus tax (I’d hope the shipping would be free at that sort of price). Now, the Aldo’s versions of these shoes would cost a grand total of $155.00 plus tax and no shipping. Plus there is usually a 10% to 15% off code that can be found online, or if you do one of the surveys. I can do $155.00 for three pairs of shoes, and it is only 7.7% of the total cost of the designer brand.

Don’t get me wrong gals and boys, I would much, much rather have the designer shoes because not only are they made by some of the most famous shoemakers of our time, but they are also classy, come with a reputation and are of much higher quality … however going back to the broke college student realty, I’d rather have the look right now, then drool over the shoes until someday I MIGHT be able to afford them.

Question time:

  1. Would you wear an Aldo’s or other “lower” brand designer shoe that was similar to the one you wanted?
  2. Do you think it’s reasonable to spend $365 on a pair of cloth sandals?
  3. What do you think of this new addition to the blog?
  4. Do you have a pair of shoes you’ve been dying to find at a lower price? Send them my way!!


  1. I would totally wear the "Aldo" brand shoe over the designer. I couldn't even imagine spending that much money on a pair of shoes! Plus, I like the Aldo nude heels better than the designer!

  2. It totally depends on circumstance. If I won the lottery and didn't need to find a bargain I wouldn't or if it is a shoe I am not completely in love with the more expensive version is silly to buy. And in my life now $155 for 3 pairs of shoes is way too good to pass up.

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  3. They look almost identical. I don't see a reason to spend more money on a shoe that looks exactly the same. And yeah, I've always been the type that can't spend over $100 on any designer accessory :-)

  4. I personally wouldn't spend 300+ on cloth sandals...but im totally the "never say never" type! I shop at Aldo alot though :-)

  5. I don't know why anyone would spend crazy amounts of money on designer shoes when you can get an almost identical pair for a fraction of the price. I love shoes, but never spend a ton of money on them. I prefer a good deal :)

  6. Zar, I am just catching up on my reading (was out of town with no internet (gasp!) for 5 days). I love this idea. Please please keep on posting the bargains! It is a valuable public service:)


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