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Monday, May 16, 2011

The perfect home


Since before we even got engaged, the Mister and I have wanted to build our own home, preferably on a decent acreage. When looking into it, we realized that it will cost us a nice bit of change to have everything we want in it; things like a 6 to 10 car garage with a shop, a formal sitting room and a foyer with double staircases, a wine-cellar, and so on… Needless to say, the acreage in the areas we look at is anywhere from 100 to 500k. So, our dream for the perfect home that we build from ground up will have to be put on hold for a few years.  

However, our search for a home in a new city has not stopped. While we’ve looked at previously owned homes, we haven’t found anything that has caught our eye enough that we’d be willing to put in the time, effort and money to make it really what we want. AND since I’m picky, and annoying and a bunch of other things, we’ve pretty much settled on the idea that we’ll have a new home (especially since many of the ones we look at are in our price range), just not custom for now.

Yesterday, in my random searches for builders, locations, floor plans and such I came across this:



I’m not going to tell you who the builder is, or where the house is or anything like that just because we don’t know if this will be our builder and don’t want to hear all the negatives about them just yet. However WHAT I do want to share is the idea!

See how there is a “Bedroom 5/Optional Study” listed here? Which also has another walk in closet attached (the door on the lower right goes)!! Well we would have the option of having double doors from our master bedroom into it if we chose to turn the room into a study… can you see where I’m going with this?!

Please say HELLO to my new closet!

The house has four bedrooms, plus a study on the main level, hence we would never need a 5th bedroom, since we wont be in the house more then 10 years… and even in that timeframe we don’t plan on having more then 2 kids. So we’d have a bedroom for each child, plus a study, plus a guest bedroom, so why wouldn’t I turn the 5th bedroom into a shoe closet?!

This is me daydreaming again of the closets on “Cribs” and such.

pic via

pic via

pic via

pic via


pic via


So what is your dream closet? Or must have in a house?


  1. As crazy as this sounds...I have refused to buy a house if the closet space isn't large enough! Closets are a turn on!!

  2. I am so excited about my soon-to-be closet! I'm almost afraid of it just because I don't want to mess it up :) haha


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