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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Travel Bug


Every May our dive shop does a huge Event where they bring in a ton of vendors from all over the world to display new equipment and awesome travel deals.

A-1 Scuba logo

Last year we didn’t make it to the May Sale because we were flying back from Cancun the night it ended, this year we were here, and of course we had to make an appearance.

Enter to win a trip for two to Roatan as part of the A-1 Scuba May Scuba Event

We had a few things to pick up from the shop, like a quick release for my computer, so that I don’t live it out at the shop to dry out with the rest of my gear, and some rash guards to replace our old ones. Once we were done with this, and finished renewing our diver insurance with DAN we went around all the tables with travel deals, offers and of course wonderful photography.

The ashbys at A1

We got some major wonderlust going, after seeing all of our dream vacation spots, and finding out that there was a trip to Roatan coming up with a few spots available for July. BOO for not having money to just travel all the time, because really we would.

The one thing that really got us super interested though was a trip to Cancun to drive the Underwater Museum!

These are some of the pictures from GOOGLE IMAGE that I could find! The place looks fantastic and it’s only at 25 feet, which means it is a shallow dive allowing for a longer bottom time since you don’t suck up the air in your tank as fast.

The Mister has dove in Cancun before, right off of Isla Mujeres when he was getting certified, but I have not (long story)! So we would love to get out there and dive! This dive would also support the efforts of conserving the reefs in our oceans, since the Underwater Museum was created to become an artificial reef and take some of the stress off of the nearby reefs where the coral was getting damaged by inconsiderate divers.

Bottom line, now we are trying to figure out where we can find the money to make sure that I can tag along with Donald on his next Hull/Boston trip in July, the Grand Canyon trip in August, Austin in September and possibly Cancun in November?! I really should get a full time job so we can make this possible.

Other then that I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday!!!

end of the world sunset

This is what the end of the world looked like to me today.

The picture was taken with my Droid, since I had just run out to the store without any kind of a camera in my purse. FAIL Zara FAIL! This photo would have been so much better!

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  1. I have to admit that the underwater museum creeps me out a little!!


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