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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Confessional


It’s Friday again and time for the confessions for the week. I’m linking up with Glamazon & Mamarazzi!



I confess, that I’m enjoying my slightly hectic life. Sometimes I feel that I drive around all day, running from one place to the next, but at the end of the day I love what I’m doing with my life, even though it has nothing to do with my degree.

I’m kind of wanting a little crafts corner like this

I confess I made 3 homemade meals this week and loved every single one of them. This might have to become a trend.

Ginger glazed Mahi Mahi

I confess that I check my blog entirely too much, and really it has become an obsession. I love, love, love getting comments from all you awesome gals out there, and have made some awesome friends in the short time in the blogging world.

I confess that I’m writing this at 12:48 AM, and am entirely too awake and giddy considering I’ve been up since 6 AM this morning.

I confess that all I want to do right now is get on a jet plane and run off to some warm tropical location with my hubby.


I confess that I cannot wait until my shoes are here. I ordered another size to see if I like the way they fit better. My big toe hates me and loves to stick out of peep toe shoes.

I confess I went to the gym at 8 AM and loved the fact that I got my workout in so early.

I also confess that I spent too much money on Groupons this week, but am excited to use ‘em. Maybe I’ll share what I got them for in the near future. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I will. But for now it’s my little secret.

I’ve been really considering getting a spray tan, and one of my neighbors has a lady that comes to her house and does it for her, but I also just want to do it myself. Anyone spray themselves? What brand do you use to not look orange, and for God’s sake how the heck do you get your back and make sure it’s even. HA!

I confess, that I love Fridays when the Mister is home, which happens to be every other weekend, and this weekend we have a four day weekend. WOO

Finally, I confess it make me both sad and proud that all my high school debaters, who I coached when they were freshman are now officially graduated and on their way to bigger and better things. If any of you are reading this, I really am soo very proud of you and couldn’t be happier for your accomplishments both in high school and through your debate careers. I hope you remember me once in a while and come back and talk to me. Or I’ll just stalk y’all on facebook and make sure you are having a time of your life in college!


Now all my kiddos are graduated from high school! These were the best high school debaters that anyone has had the honor of coaching. I wish I had been there for their senior year.


  1. Yay for cooking dinner!
    I would love a tropical vacation.
    I need to spray tan, bottle tan, something.

  2. I check my blog entirely too much also!

    I LOVE getting in my workout early. I kind of dread it if I wait until the evenings!

    I've wanted to get one of those spray tans for a while but I think I would have to leave my bathing suit on! \


  3. That craft corner is cute!! I wish I could make more homemade meals I just never know what to make and I don't ever want to make anything hard...I'm terrible.


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