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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shoe’s Always Fit #2



So here are these weeks finds!

  1. Alexander Birman – $495.00 (Find here)
  2. Christian Louboutin – $595.00 (Find here)
  3. Valentino – $885.00 (Find here)
  4. Aldo’s – $70.00 (Find here)
  5. Guess – $90.00 (Find here)
  6. Paris Hilton – $63.00 On Sale Originally $89.00 (Find here)

While I will one day buy a pair of the Louboutin pumps, I can say that the Carrie’s from Guess are my go to. I have several different colors of this style and they are the most comfortable pumps to spend a day in. When I worked in retail and banking these are the only shoes I wore for a 12 hour day on my feet. I’ve gone through at least 3 pairs of black Carries and I always buy more. They are perfect!

The Paris Hilton imitations of the Valentino, I bought completely randomly not even realizing that they were a copy of the designer until after they were delivered. When they first came out about a two years ago, I bought the Paris Hilton black patient leather pumps. They aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world, and I wouldn’t suggest wearing them for a day on your feet, but they look amazing and are perfect for a cocktail party.

As far as purchasing cost, it would cost $1975.00 to purchase the designer shoes, and only $223.00 to get the “lesser designers.” So for 11% of the designer cost you can have 3 pairs of very similar and equally gorgeous shoes!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday! I’ve got a small treat for you in an hour or so, so check back!  


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