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Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Little Story… Part I


I’ve really been thinking about writing our story up. I’ve meant to do it for a long time but have been putting it off, just because I’m a procrastinator. So I figured today I’ll get it done, at least a part of it, since it’s Friday and I really should be studying for that Chemistry Exam on Monday.

The Mister and I didn’t start out dating right away, and to this day I am still finding out little things that were all pre-planned in his head but I never had a clue about.

We met when I was just 16, a junior in high school with no plans other then the desire to drive fast cars. At the stage in my life I was looking to VR-4s, the turbo Mitsubishi 3000GTs which were a dream. Mitsubishi has stopped producing them in ‘99 and I badly wanted one.

The Car that Brought Us Together!

This is not a picture of our car… for some reason I don’t have a single one on the computer I am working off right now, and don’t feel like driving to storage to take a photo of it. So deal with it. It is a ‘92 VR4 with Twin Turbos (15s) on it. The color is a bit faded on our since the previous owner had it in Hawaii sitting out in the sun, but it wont be red for long.

We met online, on a car forum specifically for VR-4s, and became internet buddies. Back in the day, AIM was the thing to do, so we talked… A LOT… mostly about cars. We also chatted about movies, school and I did a fair share of complaining in the relationship department.

I dated my share of boys while the Mister and I were friends, I bought my first car which happened to be the furthest thing from a VR-4, but it was all I could afford at the time. I turned 18, I graduated high school, I got into college, and my to be husband at the time was there to support me through all of it. He even edited my Extended Essay (for IB and graduation) as well as my college entrance essay which happened to be about cars and racing.

2007-Zara HS Graduation 036 100_1193 100_0385

I just recently found out that the Mister was always interested in me, however the almost 5 year age difference between us wouldn’t allow him to ask me out until I tuned 18. But when I turned 18 I was in a relationship with a boy in Boston, who’d be moving back to Denver soon. I thought I was in love, and we planned on getting married. Of course I revealed all this to the Mister since we were just friends and I was a dumb teenager who thought she found her prince charming.

After graduation I left for a trip to Europe for my older brother’s wedding. I would be gone for a little over a month. The Mister would write me emails while he was down in Texas visiting his family, and we made plans to meet up and share pictures. D (this is how we’ll refer to my now ex then boyfriend) didn’t even call me during the month I was gone.


My two brothers, beautiful sister in law and I at my their 7.7.7 wedding in Yerevan, Armenia. One of the best and most beautiful weddings I have ever been too.

Shortly after I returned from my trip, D and I broke up in a dramatic, tear filled, ring throwing type way. I walked away and he never followed me. I was heart broken and spend a good day crying my eyes out on my best friend’s shoulder.


David, on the left, and Johnny, his younger brother, at my graduation party 5 years ago. David has been one of my closest and dearest friends since I met him his freshman year of high school.

The breakup was sometime at the end of July, and I moved on. D and I didn’t talk at all for months after, and I started spending more time with friends, including the Mister. I had blown the Mister off several times because of D or family or what not. However, when 300 came out, the Mister insisted that we go see it. So we did.

That was our first unofficial date. 

The Mister and I stayed friends for a few more weeks. He helped me transfer from the University of Denver to the University of Colorado Denver. He helped me sign up for last minute classes, walked me all over campus, helped me buy my books and figure out what else to do. We started spending a lot more time together, and when I got my job at Wells Fargo, he came with me downtown to do my paperwork, and asked me out on our first official date that evening.

On August 13th we went out to Mt. Fuji in Castle Rock, one of the best sushi restaurants in Denver. In our opinion. The night was fantastic, filled with great conversation and even better food.

This was shortly after our first date, and our first “official picture as a couple.

Another one of those “first” pictures.

So we dated, starting August 13th, 2007…

Next part will be up soon!


  1. I feel like im part of this story!!! Aweee I love and miss u both like crazy!!! Lunch/Dinner?brunch/Breakfast...(just some excuse for me to see ur face) soon!!

  2. haha loving the old school pics, y'all look like babies!


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